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Wooden Cutlery
Making Machine

The disposable wooden fork and wooden spoon forming machine produced by SAE adopts the design of general hopper and mold, so that 140mm and 160mm size wooden spoons and wooden forks can be produced without changing the hopper and mold, saving the time of production change. After adding the steam module, the billet can be formed directly under dry conditions without soaking and drying, reducing production links and labor costs, and improving work efficiency. This machine produces an average of 15,000PCS wooden forks or wooden spoons with a size of 140mm/160mm per hour.

Packing Machine

Automatic tableware packaging machine adopts colour touch screen control, the main control circuit adopts high speed American imported intelligent chip, accurate measurement, automatic detection of electrical fault, simple operation and easy adjustment.The machine adopts the mechanical formula function (memory function: store the debugged program), avoiding repeated debugging of similar specification products for several times, wasting materials, saving more time and cost and improving packaging efficiency.And it adopts High quality double frequency conversion simple mechanical structure, easy maintenance, less wear and tear, long life.

Log Rotary Cutting Equipment

Log Rotary Cutting Equipment is a machine used to cut logs into thin slices. It is commonly used in the production of wood products. The working principle of the log rotary cutting machine is to place the log on the rotating shaft in the center of the machine, and gradually cut the log into thin slices through rotation. These sheets can be customized as needed to meet different production requirements. There are many different models and configurations of log rotary cutters, this log rotary cutter from SEA is suitable for producing blanks of wooden disposable tableware, and the thickness of wood chips can be adjusted for easy operation.

About Star Auto Equipment

SAE(starautoequipment) is a manufacturer specializing in wooden disposable tableware processing equipment, focusing on R&D and production of disposable wooden tableware processing equipment. SAE provides buyers and traders with full-process production equipment for disposable wooden tableware.SAE has 2 R&D engineers, 8 technicians, and more than 40 sets of various equipment. Professional personnel and equipment ensure SAE's R&D, production and processing capabilities. Now SAE has established cooperative relations with more than 20 disposable wooden tableware manufacturers.


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