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Auto Full-Process Wooden Cutlery Machine Manufacturer

SAE(starautoequipment) is a manufacturer specializing in wooden disposable tableware processing equipment, focusing on R&D and production of disposable wooden tableware processing equipment. SAE provides buyers and traders with full-process production equipment for disposable wooden tableware.SAE has 2 R&D engineers, 8 technicians, and more than 40 sets of various equipment. Professional personnel and equipment ensure SAE's R&D, production and processing capabilities. Now SAE has established cooperative relations with more than 20 disposable wooden tableware manufacturers.

Advantages Of SAE Wooden Cutlery Equipment Manufacturer

Constant pursuit, only to serve you better

One-stop equipment procurement solution provider

SAE provides full-process equipment for the production and processing of wooden disposable tableware, including log production line, molding production line, packaging production line, etc., to meet the needs of building a factory from zero.

Strong professional technical guidance

Whether building a factory from zero or upgrading equipment, SAE has professional engineers to provide customers with professional and reasonable technical guidance to help customers solve technical problems.

Professional after-sales management team

During the use of the equipment, if there are technical problems, you can consult SAE at any time. Our after-sales engineers will respond quickly and provide solutions to customers so as not to delay the production schedule.

Experienced Shipping Department

SAE has a professional logistics operation department, and there are special personnel in charge from the packaging and shipping of the equipment to the customs declaration and export to ensure that the equipment is safely shipped and the relevant documents are complete.

Provide Equipment For Each Steps Of Wooden Cutlery Manufacturing

All EquipmentFrom raw material handling to finished product packaging, we provide a wide range of equipment for wood cutlery production lines. These equipments can be purchased together, or can be purchased according to the process requirements.
Automatic Packing Machine

This device uses a color touch screen for control, and its main control circuit employs a high-speed intelligent chip which ensures accurate measurement, automatic detection of electrical failures, and easy operation and adjustment. It has an automatic memory function to avoid repeated adjustments in packaging products of the same specifications. The device adopts a high-quality dual-frequency conversion and simple mechanical structure, which is easy to maintain, less prone to wear and has a long service life.

Automatic Packing Machine
Bundling Machine

Scope of application: Wooden and bamboo tableware such as popsicles, chopsticks, ice spoons, bamboo skewers, knives, forks, and spoons. It adopts a high-speed counting chip for accurate counting, easy adjustment, secure binding, and high production efficiency.

Bundling Machine
Die Cutting Machine

The advantages of this device are its stable and durable structure, fast punching speed, convenient mold replacement, and high yield rate from raw materials to finished products. With double-row cutting tools, it has high production capacity, saves wood, and the punching speed can be adjusted according to production requirements.

Die Cutting Machine
Hot Stamping Machine

Scope of application: Wooden and bamboo tableware such as popsicles, chopsticks, ice spoons, bamboo skewers, knives, forks, and spoons. It can be used alone or assembled on an assembly line.

Hot Stamping Machine
Vision Inspection Cameras

The combination of industrial cameras and AI intelligent systems can quickly detect products that do not meet standards by analyzing and recognizing product images, and remove these products from the production line. This ensures product qualification, improves production efficiency, reduces defect rates, and lowers production costs.
Note: disposable wooden cutlery production line is required as an accessory.

Vision Inspection Cameras
Veneer Peeling Machine

The advantages of this device are that it uses a dual-axis fixed design, has fast rotation speed, and the servo feeding can be adjusted according to production requirements to control the thickness of the sliced product. It can be operated by only one person.

Veneer Peeling Machine
Wooden Cutlery Making Machine

Fully automatic disposable cutlery making machine has high production capacity, fast speed, and saves labor costs. It uses universal molds and hoppers, which can load up to ten thousand pieces at a time. Its hourly production capacity is 15,000 pieces. Two devices can be operated by three people. Moreover, it adopts patented technology, and the raw materials can be produced without soaking, reducing processing steps and improving production efficiency.

Wooden Cutlery Making Machine
Steaming Tank

The advantages of this device include processing time, high production output, excellent steaming and cooking effects, while also reducing waste of water resources and saving costs for water usage and wastewater discharge.

Steaming Tank

Complete Solutions For Wooden Cutlery Production Lines

SAE(starauto equipment) is a manufacturer specializing in wooden cutlery prodution equipment, and provides solutions for production lines of disposable wooden disposable wooden knife, fork and spoon.

Vertical Saw Machine


Lndustrial Drying Ovens


Veneer Peeling Machine


Die Cutting Machine


Industrial Drying Ovens


Wooden Cutlery Making Machine


Vision Inspection Cameras


Hot Stamping Machine


Automatic Packing Machine

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